I am a storyteller. I see stories in people’s lives. I write, I film, I capture people with my camera. And I’m particularly fascinated by today’s youth. After al these years I can say that youngsters are my specialty. I am intrigued by their vulnerability and the story behind it. They are engaged in a process of searching for their own identity.

My photographs are
very much Influenced
bY my feelings

My photographs and films are very much influenced by my feelings. I look for subjects close to home, close to what I feel drawn to or what fascinates me.
I started taking photos when I was 14. One of the first was of my younger brother Joris. I took photos of him for years. And it was through those photos that my fascination for making personal documentaries evolved.
Most of the stories you see on this website are my own ideas, usually taken over a longer period. Personal stories, glimpses of the lives of, for example, Hassan & Hoessein – the boys who used to be my neighbours – and of Maria – a girl from my home town of Eindhoven.

Martijn van de Griendt has been a photographer for over 25 years. His photos are full of ambiance, intimacy and they hit home. It doesn’t matter whether they are focused or unfocused. He relies on his feelings, not on technique. Yet he is an artist of today. He gives masterclasses for companies, schools and academies. He shows his work on Instagram, in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and in galleries. He writes for newspapers and is working on his first novel. But above all, he is a storyteller.
After graduating from the School of Journalism in Utrecht, Martijn studied photography in The Hague (KABK). Since graduating in 1997, he has completed photo projects and portraits for many magazines, newspapers and companies in the Netherlands and abroad. He often writes his own story to accompany the images. His photos of popstars can be admired in Oor Magazine. Martijn makes both portraits, as well as documentary series. He works on his own projects, such as his long-term series about today’s young people. He also works by commission. His assignments are editorial as well as commercial.  To date, he has made ten solo books. He self-published his last seven books. For his first film about Maria he received an honourable mention at the Debut Competition of the Dutch Film Festival.

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